East Antrim Rifle and Pistol Club (EARPC) has a long and proud history dating back to its formation in 1911. Affiliated to the National Small-bore Rifle Association, Ulster Counties Small-bore Shooting Association and the Northern Ireland Small-bore Shooting Union, the club has provided facilities for the instruction and improvement of small-bore target shooting to its members and friends in East Antrim for over 25 years.
EARPC is an inclusive club with a wide age range with members aged from 13 years to 87 years, both able bodied and disabled. We provide a safe environment with GBTSF Club Coaches, Instructors, and Range Conducting Officers who will help with assistance and instruction tailored to meet all needs and offer shooting ranges which are disabled friendly.

There is a Safeguarding Policy in place along with a Designated Safeguarding Officer who is responsible for the safety and welfare of the junior members within the club.
We are always happy to welcome new members from East Antrim and surrounding areas who have an interest in small-bore shooting and who feel it may be a sport for them to participate in from club to national to international level.
So, on behalf of East Antrim Rifle and Pistol Club, we would like to welcome you as a new or existing member.  Come along to the club on regular club shooting evenings and meet with other members, committee members, coaches, instructors and get involved in the various club activities.
Remember, East Antrim Rifle and Pistol Club exists for its members to promote the sport of small-bore shooting and as such hopes that all members will become actively involved in all aspects of club life to make it a better club for all.

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